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Newpread Kasonde

Founder & Principal Architect

Newpread is a highly experienced architect based in Zambia. With close to 15 years experience both on construction sites and in the drawing office he brings a wealth of knowledge and diverse experience to his projects. Before founding Limn, Newpread worked in various architectural practices, construction companies, and even in a bank, overseeing numerous refurbishment and new construction projects.


He is a registered architect in Zambia and a corporate member of the Zambia Institute of Architects. Newpread's expertise spans diverse sectors such as  healthcare, commercial, banking, hospitality, and residential buildings. With a holistic approach and strong supervisory skills, he creates spaces that balance functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.


Clients can expect his unwavering commitment to quality and a collaborative partnership focused on bringing their visions to life. When you collaborate with Newpread, you can expect an architect who is attentive to your vision, responsive to your requirements, and relentless in his pursuit of excellence. 

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