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Chamba Valley Mall - Lusaka, Zambia

Munali Road, Chamba Valley, Lusaka

This building is situated on a sloped site in the vibrant communities of Chamba Valley and Meanwood Kwamwena in Lusaka. This innovative retail mall has become a popular and bustling destination, thanks to its strategic design and adaptability to the site's unique topography.

As project managers, our role involved making necessary adjustments to the original design to ensure a seamless integration with the site. We collaborated closely with the client to meet their vision while considering the practical aspects of construction and functionality.

The mall encompasses a diverse range of retail shops, including an anchor supermarket that draws visitors from the surrounding communities. Additionally, a well-equipped gym and a convenient carwash facility cater to the needs of both shoppers and the local community.

Thanks to its strategic location and the thoughtful design adjustments, this mall has become a vibrant hub, attracting a constant flow of visitors. It has quickly become a packed and popular destination, serving as a dynamic focal point within the communities of Chamba Valley and Meanwood Kwamwena.

Our ability to adapt to unique challenges and create functional spaces that resonate with the community is at the heart of our architectural approach.

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